50 Tarot Reading Case Studies: Learn from these examples

These Tarot reading case studies are the perfect learning resource for anyone interested in teaching themselves Tarot. These examples may also be valuable to anyone who enjoys receiving Tarot readings and wants to get more insight as to how to apply a reading to their life.

The sample readings are divided into five categories: love, career, wellbeing, social and spiritual. Each category has ten example Tarot readings. Click on any of the readings and you will be taken to a page where you can step through each of the cards in the reading with its meaning and how it applies to the particular issue being consulted. You also get to see an outline of the client’s situation and an overview of the Tarot reading interpretation.

We have many more of these Tarot case studies on our site. Just go to the home page Easy-Tarot and click on any of the spreads in the large list at the complete list of Tarot spreads. Click on the spread and then click view sample. You can also try out one of our online free Tarot readings for yourself.

Love & Relationships Case Studies


1. My girlfriend and I Tarot reading example

A couple is having problems with intimacy. Whenever they start being close she experiences panic attacks. He has urged her to seek therapy but she is resistant because she is sure this will pass and that she just needs to pray. There are two Kings in this reading. The King is the motivating force and commander that makes things happen. This is a strong indicator that the issue is about being in control of events rather than letting events control you. The couple took this as an indication that… Read more


2. What’s going wrong? Tarot reading example

Our questioner has, after years of dead end relationships, found someone she feels she can really commit to. In their first week together they spent many long hours staying up and talking till their jaws ached. But now he seems more withdrawn and just wants to focus on a new opportunity at work. Has something changed? Has he gone off her or is this just a blip? The Tarot cards pick out a theme of new beginnings with the Four of Wands and The Fool; and of energy and vitality with the Four and… Read more


3. My love week Tarot reading example

A couple have been together for just a few months. Things have been going really well but our questioner is anxious because his new girlfriend is going away on a preplanned vacation with an old friend. Has he any cause to be worried? How will the following week unfold? The first two cards in this sample Tarot reading indicate he will find the next few days difficult and may wonder if he has done the right thing in letting them go alone. However, the Ten of Cups is a powerful sign that boundless… Read more


4. Why is my partner unkind to me? Tarot reading example

A man and his male partner were getting on just fine until they moved in together. Our questioner is wondering if this is what made his partner tetchy and rude. Or could it be the pressure of work, where a competitor for promotion is trying to get him fired? Or perhaps it is the custody battle he is entering into with his ex wife? The Three of Wands and Eight of Swords reveal patterns of decision making and choice. The Tarot cards seem to be saying it is external pressures that are affecting… Read more


5. Marriage guidance Tarot reading example

This reading is taken by a couple in their 30’s who married when they were very young. They are going through a bad patch – as he is having problems committing to a job and she feels unsupported bringing up their three children. His sense of limbo and her struggles are brought out by the cards of the Hanged Man and the Five of Coins respectively. The next two cards give signs of a promising future, containing unconditional love and strength. The reading also pulls out the themes of letting go… Read more


6. Life and love balance Tarot reading example

In this sample case study a couple are trying to work out how much time they should spend with each other and how much time they should spend on their own projects and careers. Our questioner is concerned that last time they spent less time together she got involved with another guy and they nearly split up. The Tarot cards don’t seem to come down on one particular side. They predict a positive outcome whatever they choose, so it seems she can relax in the knowledge that history won’t repeat… Read more


7. Should we be more than friends? Tarot reading example

Two people are friends in a house-share. They both became single at the same time and now find themselves getting closer. They fear that if it doesn’t work out, living together will become very difficult. In this sample reading the Tarot cards seem unwilling to give a definitive answer. The Six of Swords tells of a big change that would take place if they got together. Perhaps the most important card is the King of Swords which advises thinking carefully before taking… Read more


8. My sex life Tarot reading example

A young man is having problems with the physical side of his new relationship. The Two of Swords is telling him his problems are exacerbated by his avoidance of the issue. There are two Sword cards in this reading, which indicate problems with thinking and communication. This is balanced out however by the Empress, who represents love and support. This reading has a nice balance of head and heart. The thoughts being the source of the problem and the heart being the… Read more


9. Looking for love Tarot reading example

Our questioner is finding it difficult to find a partner. Her loneliness is making her turn to drink, but when becoming nervous on dates recently, her drinking has had disastrous consequences. She needs her luck to change to break this cycle. The Devil card is a reminder of how she feels trapped in her situation. The Two of Cups asks her to reconcile her own demons before she can achieve closeness with another. It does seem though, that something new is around the… Read more


10. My boyfriend and I Tarot reading example

The subjects of this case study are both divorcees with grown up children. They would like to make a go of their relationship and maybe even move in together. The problem is they seem to be losing the magic they had when they first met. The Queen of Swords and Ten of Wands reveal that a lot of their problems lie in past heartbreaks and pressures. The cards do go on to predict however, that if they work on these issues it will be very powerful for both of… Read more


Work & Money Case Studies


11. What’s going on at work? Tarot reading example

Our questioner is consulting this reading because she has been working as a legal secretary in a law practice and is finding she just can’t fit in. When her colleagues go out for coffee or meet up after work they never invite her and sometimes act as if she isn’t there. She has been there for four months now and would have expected things to change by now. Is there something they don’t like about her? Do they feel threatened in their jobs because she’s more on the ball? In this reading there is… Read more


12. Work life balance Tarot reading example

Our questioner is a mother of two school age children. She works long hours in a human resources department, and so doesn’t get to see as much of her kids as she would like. She is starting to find that her long hours are taking their toll on her health and family life. Should she pull back her hours and spend more time resting and being a mom? The first thing to notice about this reading is that it is made up of just Trumps and Wands, Wands are about what we do and trumps are about big life… Read more


13. Should I take this job? Tarot reading example

Our questioner makes and sells her own jewellery. It’s not highly profitable but it is what she loves. She has been offered a post at her friend’s hotel business. The pay is good and her friend is a kind-hearted, easy going boss. What should she do? The answer seems clear. If she continues with the jewellery business her hard work will pay off. The temptation eluded to by the Devil card is however, curious. Our questioner concludes this refers to the temptation to stray off her right path… Read more


14. The perfect job Tarot reading example

A man is training to be a psychotherapist part time. Fate has presented him with a choice of two jobs during this training period. The first is a management post through a family connection. The second is a support worker for people with mental health problems. This job is much more aligned with the career he is heading for but the pay is so low he will hardly be able to sustain himself through his studies. Which path should he take? It is noticeable that the Tarot reading has both the Two and… Read more


15. Why is a colleague behaving this way? Tarot reading example

A young woman works in the box office of a movie theater. She is happy there but ever since a new manager took over, her friend and colleague has been difficult to work with. The Judgement card suggests her friend is finding it difficult to adjust to the changes under the new management. The Two of Cups – the card of friendship – is telling the questioner to work on the friendship in order to improve the working relationship. Having two Pages in this reading is a powerful signal to embrace… Read more


16. Trouble handling money wisely Tarot reading example

In this case our questioner is a middle aged woman who finds she is unable to manage her finances well. She tried investing what money she had in a restaurant, but couldn’t keep on top of it and the business collapsed. The injustice indicated by the Justice card she believes relates to her ex – who emptied their account before he ran away. The High Priestess is advising her not to take on any more projects at this time and go easy with what she… Read more


17. Visions and opportunities Tarot reading example

An architect working for a big organization feels he has enough contacts and experience to go solo. He has great visions of being the boss of his own practice. Is this realistic? Could he fall flat on his face? The presence of the Two, Ten and Knight of Coins points to the important issues being financial. The Ten of Swords also represents stability and strength. Overall this is a positive reading for his… Read more


18. Attracting the flow of money Tarot reading example

The person drawing the cards in this sample is a man in his late 40’s who has recently become a freelance gardener after being laid off. His new girlfriend lives overseas so it is costly for them to get together. The Nine of Wands gives him the powerful message to believe in a positive future. The second card warns his creativity is being blocked and he is becoming… Read more


19. Career decision maker Tarot reading example

In this scenario a son is deciding whether to enter the family business buying and selling real estate (path A), or go to college to study for a business qualification (path B). The Tarot reading doesn’t suggest that one path is clearly better than another, but with the presence of the Two and Page of Cups there is a leaning towards relationships and connectedness. … Read more


20. My career a year from today Tarot reading example

A school teacher is taking this reading to find out how things will work out over the coming academic year. All the cards chosen are Trumps (Major Arcana). This is a sign that fundamental life issues are at play. The Tower and Judgement cards both also powerfully indicate transformation – which gives the questioner excitement and hope for the… Read more


Family & Friends Case Studies


21. My sister and her life Tarot reading example

The questioner in this reading is trying to persuade his sister to move out of the city where she has lived for the last twenty years, and move closer to his family and their mother. However, she is stubborn and resistant to change. Even though her career has ended and there is nothing for her in the city, she keeps making feeble excuses why she can’t move. The first thing to notice about this reading is that the first two cards are Coins – the Seven and Nine. This suggests finance or property… Read more


22. Figuring out my friend Tarot reading example

Our questioner is concerned about his long standing friend who has given up his job, sold his house and is talking about living a simple life in a shack in the woods with his wife and kids. Our questioner feels this is not what his friend really wants, and that there is something else going on for him. The first card in the reading – the King of Coins -points to his friend lacking self belief and having limiting thoughts about himself. This has led to a lack of optimism, as indicated by the… Read more


23. Falling out with my relative Tarot reading example

A mother of two has been helping her parents move house so they can be closer to their grandchildren. It’s been a frustrating time for her because they have been leaving her to do everything from dealing with agents to sorting out legal papers. The final straw came when her father went back on his promises to help out with child care, a blazing argument ensued and now they are not talking. What should she do? This Tarot reading depicts two opposing forces: activity indicated by the two Wands… Read more


24. Falling out with my friend Tarot reading example

Our questioner is angry with her friend for not standing up for her in a bitter argument with a mutual friend. As the friends are no longer talking to each other the questioner has turned to this reading. The Justice card in the first position tells her she has not created this situation but is actually a victim of an injustice. The Tarot puts the blame firmly with the friend with the Three of Wands pointing to her failure to be bold and stand up for what’s right. The other Three (Coins)… Read more


25. Healing a family relationship Tarot reading example

In this case study the questioner had been sharing a house with his sister and her husband. Now the sister has, sadly, passed on, he is left living with his brother-in-law who he always felt wasn’t good enough for his beloved sister. How should they deal with this uncomfortable situation? Should they find a way to get on or should one of them move out? There is a theme of persistence with the Knight of Coins and Nine of Wands. He concludes maybe this persistence which used to manifest as… Read more


26. Understanding family dynamics Tarot reading example

A father is worried he has lost the close bond he once had with his two daughters. They are much closer to their mother and seem distant from him. He knows when he comes home from work he is grumpy and hard to live with but he loves his family and is a good dad at the weekends. The presence of two Pages in this sample Tarot reading suggest potential for a new beginning. The Page of Coins in particular is telling him to be careful about how he is perceived by his family and to do what he can to … Read more


27. My family life this week Tarot reading example

A mother is consulting this reading because she is having problems with her young daughter. The daughter has never accepted the new addition of her young brother and bullies him. She is also rude and aggressive towards her grandmother who recently moved in with the family. Our questioner learns from this Tarot reading that her daughter is behaving as she does because she feels out of control, and that it is important the mother communicate her distress about the situation to her daughter…. Read more


28. One-sided friendship Tarot reading example

Our questioner has a friend who she feels close to, but recently, whenever she arranges a get-together, her friend invariably cancels. She worries this friend doesn’t seem to value the friendship as much as she does. The Ace of Cups reveals her friend is experiencing negative emotions. In this case the questioner recognized this and felt this could be depression (which her friend is susceptible to). The Page of Wands gives a clear message to stand up and say I’m in this friendship… Read more


29. A friend in need Tarot reading example

In this case study the questioner’s friend is going through a time of sadness. Even though her mother died two years ago she still experiences periods of upset and still misses her. The questioner has taken this reading to help her friend. The Two of Coins advises the questioner to go with this situation and not to resist it, so she takes that as a sign not to challenge her friend, but rather continue to support her. Fortunately the cards predict that the tough times will… Read more


30. Cooling off in a friendship? Tarot reading example

In this sample reading our friends used to be close and even shared a flat together; but since our questioner announced she was getting married to the guy she has known for just a few weeks, their friendship went cold. The Hanged Man talks of her friend’s need to let go when she gets married. The King of Wands shows how the questioner felt embarrassed at her friend’s reaction to her bold move. Temperance indicates the friends will need some space apart to help things… Read more


Mind, Body & Spirit Case Studies


31. Make me happy today Tarot reading example

In this case study a parent is having a bad day. She was pulled into helping out at the school fair, where she had to keep order with badly behaved kids. At the end of the day she turns to this reading. The most important card for her is the Eight of Swords, which reminds her to be honest with herself about why she does what she does, and to question whether her choices are taking her off track regarding her life purpose. Understanding the problem helped her feel better about her day and made… Read more


32. Transforming my anger Tarot reading example

A grandmother who has damaged her knee through a fall finds she is no longer able to lead the independent life she used to, due to her reduced mobility. Despite her best efforts she can’t help feeling angry towards people who are able to lead a full life. The Six of Cups warns she is driving love away and creating an unhealthy environment for herself. The cards also advise that a spell of solitude might be a good thing for her to reassess her… Read more


33. Understanding and dealing with fear Tarot reading example

A retired school teacher is scared of telling her sister she is planning to leave town to retire to a warmer climate. Her sister is controlling and has a fiery temperament. The first card suggests part of her fear is based on the feeling that maybe she has or is doing something wrong. The Knight of Cups is a positive sign that speaking to her sister could lead to a greater maturity and perspective in the… Read more


34. The path to happiness and joy Tarot reading example

A woman in her 50’s turns to this spread because things don’t seem to be going well in her life. Her partner is always threatening to leave her, her work as a healer is depleting her and her mother talks at her all day. The most powerful card in this reading is the Three of Wands, talking of a need for bold decisions. This combined with the Fool call for a new beginning in her… Read more


35. My spiritual week Tarot reading example

The client in this study uses this particular reading every week to check out her spiritual growth. In this reading the Nine of Coins helps her to understand why she is not as committed to her meditation practice as she was; and the Two of Wands could be referring to her husband’s lessening commitment. The remedy is however clear: ‘Allow the inner light to shine… Read more


36. Improving my luck Tarot reading example

A woman in her late 30’s is feeling left behind by life. All her friends are moving on in their careers while she had to take time out with depression. She is still waiting to give her boyfriend a child, whilst all around her are getting pregnant. The Ten of Swords tells her to be aware her feelings that life is too difficult may have become a self fulfilling… Read more


37. Emotional rescue remedy Tarot reading example

In this case study we are looking at the cards chosen by a young man in his early 20’s who has been concerned about coming out about his sexuality and how this would affect his family. The stress of indecision is bringing him down. The advice of the last card to nurture his intuition and sensitivity helped him trust his own instincts to make the right… Read more


38. Three day counseling Tarot reading example

A man in his 50’s is recovering from a long bereavement process after the loss of his father. Now that this dominant figure in his life has passed he is struggling to come to terms with life without him. The Cups in the reading point to his emotions being the most important thing at this stage. The cards also point to decisions that he will have to… Read more


39. Why do I feel so tired? Tarot reading example

A law graduate gets her dream job but finds she struggles to keep up with the work load and experiences periods of exhaustion. Consulting this spread reveals the chaotic relationship she has recently left may have taken a greater toll on her resources than she thought. The World card is however, a positive sign that she will pull things together in… Read more


40. Lifting my sadness Tarot reading example

In this sample reading the questioner is consulting the cards because she is having a bad day. She doesn’t always feel sad and there is nothing in particular going wrong with her life that she can pin it on. The cards seem to be telling her that what she needs is simply ‘some time for soul searching’ and that better times are around the… Read more



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