How to do Fortune Telling with Ordinary Playing Cards

Here are some beginner’s instructions plus a reference guide on how to use ordinary playing cards for fortune telling. The everyday playing cards we use today have come down to us from the traditional Tarot cards. Originally this method of divination has, over the centuries, evolved into the modern card deck. In an ideal situation you would always use a Tarot deck for fortune telling, but not everyone has one at hand (and they can be a bit bulky to carry – having more cards and a larger format). I’ve been caught out myself without a Tarot deck from time to time, so I’ve devised this system, which seems to give pretty good results.

Using playing cards instead of Tarot

The traditional Tarot deck comprises the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards (such as the iconic Death and Lovers cards), and describes significant life events and themes. The Minor Arcana is made up of four suits of fourteen cards each. It is this Minor Arcana that has morphed into modern playing cards. Along the way it has lost the four Pages, and the suits have changed from Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins to Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds. The problem for us here is that the modern pack has discarded the Major Arcana. This may be fine for playing games, but the cards of the Major Arcana are the most powerful in the Tarot deck, so if we want to use playing cards for fortune telling we need to find a way of representing them.

As you will see below I have solved this problem by using twenty cards (the Two to Six of Clubs, Diamonds Spades and Hearts) to represent twenty Major Arcana cards. The final two Major Arcana cards (the first and last cards – The Fool and The World) can be represented by the two jokers in the pack. This does mean we need to ditch some of the meanings of the Minor Arcana, but we have to represent 78 Tarot cards with just 52 playing cards, so I think it’s a price worth paying (especially as these jettisoned cards deal with the more subtle details of a reading). That’s it, we have all the Major and most of the Minor Arcana. This method also makes sure that – apart from the Pages – we keep all the court cards, which are important. Also we retain the balance of the four suits (i.e. eight each).

How to make a reading

The easiest reading to consult with this method is a simple decision making reading. This is a simplified version of the Making a Decision Tarot Reading we have available on our site. Take your standard pack of playing cards and shuffle it whilst dwelling on a decision you are facing. When you feel ready deal out, face up, a card to represent each of the alternative decisions. So if you are deciding whether to take a job offer deal out two cards for yes and no. Look up each meaning below and see what the cards predict for each possible outcome.


Complete list of playing cards meanings

Here is a full list of all the meanings you will need for fortune telling with a standard pack of playing cards.

Ace of Clubs

Ace of Wands – Thinking out of the box
The appearance of this card suggests you will find your creativity becoming stronger. Perhaps you have the beginnings of a creative idea right now and have not yet trusted it to be real. The card suggests that this could be the time for you to plant any such seeds and watch them grow. They could become transformative for you and bring tremendous adventure and vibrancy to your life. By following through with this action you will in future find it easier to be more inventive with your life. If, at any point you feel stuck, you should apply lateral thinking to your situation in order to move through obstacles and hindrances. Remember that no mountain is too high for the Ace of Clubs!

Two of Clubs

The Magician – The power of commitment
The appearance of the Two of Clubs is a positive sign that you will be in a strong position to realize your potential. You will be able to put into action whatever it is you have been wanting to happen. If you are making plans or there is something which needs doing, you should be prepared to act when the time feels right. If you act decisively the Universe will be on your side and you will rewarded handsomely for your commitment.

Three of Clubs

The High Priestess – Patience is a virtue
The presence of the Three of Clubs suggests you will find yourself feeling calmer. Instead of rushing around doing things or worrying about what needs to be done, you will find yourself able to become an observer of events. This could be a big change for you if you are used to being on the move. But when the time is right to take action again, you will find yourself with a clearer idea of what to do.

Four of Clubs

The Empress – Love changes everything
The Four of Clubs suggests there will be greater compassion and understanding in your life. This may be coming after a period of difficulties for you which have left you tired and undernourished. Welcome in this kindness and generosity you deserve, and don’t forget to be kind and generous to others too! When the Four of Clubs turns up it is often to remind us that taking time out to act in a considerate way is an important part of life. Giving love to yourself and/or others will make you feel more fulfilled and alive, and could even be quite transformative!

Five of Clubs

The Emperor – Life is what you make it
The presence of the Five of Clubs indicates that you will feel a greater sense of control and mastery in your life. It may be that problems you have faced with another person or situation will suddenly transform and you will feel in control of this situation rather than it being in control of you. This will be a time in which you can display your leadership abilities and take command of your life. Your new-found masterful approach may surprise you and those around you, making you feel strong and proud of yourself.

Six of Clubs

The Hierophant – Don’t re-invent the wheel
This card suggests you will find yourself benefiting from a conventional or traditional approach. This may feel for a while as if you are wearing a straight-jacket and that your creativity and spontaneity are becoming stifled. Provided you can find a way to integrate your own unique voice, this feeling of being trapped will lessen. Remember to appreciate the benefits of both the Six of Clubs’s way and your own, individual approach. You can then take the best of both worlds.

Seven of Clubs

Seven of Wands – Fortune favours the brave
Receiving the Seven of Clubs predicts that you will find great courage within yourself. This inner strength will carry you over whatever hurdles you need to face and will see you through all kinds of troubles you may previously have felt were insurmountable. All areas of your life will improve when you can access this power inside you.

Eight of Clubs

Eight of Wands – What makes you tick?
Receiving the Eight of Clubs predicts you will experience flashes of excitement, inspiration and adventure. You could see all the pieces fitting into place in your life and things may make more sense to you. However, before this can happen it is important for you to learn patience and acceptance along your current path, and not become despondent if things currently seem meaningless. The card indicates that, even at times when you feel bored on the surface, there is in fact a rich tapestry weaving itself underneath. When you are next able to glimpse this tapestry, your life will hold more meaning and you will feel truly glad to be alive.

Nine of Clubs

Nine of Wands – Battle hardened
Receiving the Nine of Clubs suggests you will be able to overcome any obstacles in front of you. This will enable you to forge a better life for yourself and those around you. You will be able to use the strength of character you have earned from past achievements to help you through any problems you face now or in the future, approaching them with determination, persistence and courage. Remember to reward yourself for these efforts, in order to better your life and/or those of others. We may not always be acknowledged or appreciated by others, but we can at least cherish ourselves for the work we do.

Ten of Clubs

Ten of Wands – Carrying the weight of the world
The Ten of Clubs predicts you will be able to unburden yourself and find greater balance. Perhaps you will learn to say ‘no’ to others who are used to taking you for granted. Or perhaps you will simply get your life in perspective and adopt a healthier philosophy, allowing you to enjoy life more. Whatever it is you do, keep a watchful eye out for your body’s warning signals of burn-out and stress. Old habits have a nasty way of creeping back into our lives!

Jack of Clubs

Knight of Wands – Act in haste, regret at leisure
Picking the Jack of Clubs suggests you will move into a new paradigm in your life. A more exciting world could present itself to you and within it you may find great creativity and power. This might be very welcome to you if you are feeling blocked or stuck in your life now, and wondering when things will pick up. Don’t worry. Life is constantly changing. You may be experiencing a downturn at the moment, but this card promises more fun and excitement just around the corner. Hang in there and enjoy the roller-coaster ride when it arrives, but remember also to look after those around you when you go trail blazing. You do not want to burn others in the process!

Queen of Clubs

Queen of Wands – The spark of life
The Queen of Clubs suggests that you will discover tremendous, untapped resources of vitality and enthusiasm. You will be able to see all setbacks as opportunities and feel a deeper connection to life. You may feel ‘dark’ inside sometimes – but this does not mean the light is not there. It just dims from time to time, so trust it will brighten again.

King of Clubs

King of Wands – Boldness has genius, power and magic in it
Receiving the King of Clubs predicts you will find a level of greatness in your life. The seeds of this greatness can be found within you now and will simply need to be acknowledged and realized. If you work at it, any previous setbacks or negative experiences can be drawn upon to help you become more successful in your life. Your philosophy and world view will change as a result, so that you can become a great example to others of inner strength, bravery and creativity.

Ace of Hearts

The Ace of Cups – In your heart of hearts
Turning up the Ace of Hearts suggests you will begin to unblock some negative feelings. You will have the opportunity to heal old wounds which have been affecting you and dissolve blocks which have perhaps impacted several areas of your life. It may be difficult for you to find the forgiveness, strength, courage and self-belief necessary to let go of your past and heal these wounds. But if you persevere, your relationships and connections with others and within yourself will deepen, impacting positively in all areas of your life.

Two of Hearts

The Lovers – You can’t always have your cake and eat it
The appearance of the Two of Hearts suggests you will find yourself at a cross-roads in your life. At this time you will need to make some important choices which could take you in a very positive direction – particularly in your relationships with yourself and/or others. You will need to listen to both your heart and your head and work out what’s right for you and those around you. Make sure that you make these decisions with as much love as you can. If it turns out that it isn’t right to make any changes at this time, then you should make that an active decision rather than just letting things carry on as they are. Making this process a conscious one will be a very important contributor to your future happiness and to your feelings of empowerment in your life.

Three of Hearts

The Chariot – Harnessing the fighting spirit
The appearance of the Three of Hearts suggests you will have an opportunity to overcome conflicts or difficulties. You could face a choice between confronting your challenges with a warrior-like spirit or shying away from them. The former will require a strong will, determination and self-discipline, and will be rewarded by a period of peace and self-assurance, knowing that your main battles are won. However, shying away from your problems because you are fearful or uncertain of how to approach them, will steal from you the opportunity to put your problems behind you, gain these rewards and move on. So try as best you can to be brave and bring the spirit of the Three of Hearts into action.

Four of Hearts

Strength – Inner strength will always win over outer
This card suggests you will be given an opportunity to develop inner strength. This strength may be necessary in order to help you deal with difficult situations. Without it you may feel unable to cope and may be tempted to leave things undone, or to not do them in the most satisfactory way. You may even feel on the verge of giving up. However, the appearance of this card is a very positive sign that you have all the qualities needed to meet any difficulties head on. You possess all the inner strength and fortitude to endure and triumph in any situation, and thus awaken the powerful and noble person that is within you. All you need to do is simply believe in yourself and your inner power in order to access these qualities when required.

Five of Hearts

The Hermit – The quiet life
The Five of Hearts suggests you will need some time for introspection and reflection. Perhaps there has been a lot going on for you recently, and you may have been searching outside yourself to find solutions to your problems. However, the Five of Hearts reminds you that these answers are in fact within, and to look anywhere else can make you lose sight of who you are. Therefore, a period of meditation and contemplation may be called for, involving perhaps some time alone. The Five of Hearts represents a part of you that thirsts for deeper meaning, and asks that you withdraw in order to quench this thirst. After this period of introspection you should find yourself feeling much more fulfilled and peaceful inside, so try to heed his call when it comes.

Six of Hearts

Wheel of Fortune – What goes around comes around
The Six of Hearts indicates you will see positive changes in your life. The wheel of life will turn for you, bringing new people and unexpected events into your life. You will need to accept that you are not in charge of this process and must instead watch it unfold, welcoming the changes. When the process comes to an end you will be able to recognize the forces that were at play.

Seven of Hearts

Seven of Cups – So many choices, so little time!
The Seven of Hearts suggests you will experience a time of decadence. You may, for instance, let go of some structures and rules in your life. This may be a necessary experience for you, in order to redress an imbalance in your life – for instance after a period of hard work. It is also important, however, not to allow your indulgences to take control of you. You should try as much as you can to be aware of your fantasies and desires, and be mindful of their consequences as well as rewards. Hopefully then you can enjoy yourself to the full without suffering any ‘hangovers’ the following day!

Eight of Hearts

Eight of Cups – The search for deeper meaning
The Eight of Hearts predicts that you will find deeper meaning in your life. Perhaps there are aspects of your life in which you feel unfulfilled. If this is the case, the appearance of this card is a positive sign that there is hope for you in analyzing the problems and finding gratification and contentedness in future. This could be a time of both sadness and joy: the sadness of giving up something familiar and the joy of realizing that there are better things in store for you. If you are currently feeling a sense of restlessness, you will in time find this dissipating and being replaced by satisfaction, peace and fulfillment. Try to be attentive to any parts of your life where you feel dissatisfied and question what is behind this frustration in order to move on.

Nine of Hearts

Nine of Cups – Ask and you will receive
The Nine of Hearts suggests you will find great joy and contentment in your life. In order to achieve this you must first focus on what it is you want, envisage it clearly and then work hard to put your vision into practice. With the right effort, determination and will you can achieve happiness in many or all areas of your life. Remember, however, to keep your vision ‘high’ and as closely attuned to your inner self as you can. Shallow goals will not make you fulfilled in the long-term, and you may find yourself having to start your visioning and hard work over again, in order to feel true inner peace and contentment.

Ten of Hearts

Ten of Cups – Happily ever after
The Ten of Hearts suggests there is great hope of love, joy and/or abundance for you. The card indicates a reconciliation of differences, either within yourself or with others, and restoration of good feeling and harmony. This reconciliation could bring feelings of peace, satisfaction and/or closure on a difficult period. Therefore, even if there are trials along the way to achieving it, the rewards will be worth the effort.

Jack of Hearts

Knight of Cups – Getting caught up in the emotion
The Jack of Hearts predicts you will find yourself gaining more perspective over your problems. This may be a result of you channeling your emotions in a more positive, healthy way; perhaps reining in a previous, unruly side of yourself which has caused you problems in the past. Your understanding of any issues will deepen and become clearer when these emotions are in check, and you will be able to see the larger picture. You may also notice new knowledge and wisdom creeping into your consciousness, as your quieter inner voice is finally gaining more power in your life. This knowledge may be trying to keep you on track and hold your tempestuousness at bay, and is thus to be welcomed.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Cups – Love is truth, fear is illusion
Receiving the Queen of Hearts suggests you will find yourself in an environment of unconditional love. This may be exactly what you need if things have been difficult for you recently. The card may also suggest that someone will be requiring your love. Try not to question or resist this love when it comes or when you are asked to show it, but just accept. The card asks that when you receive love you should remember to reciprocate as much as you can, as you are being asked to generally work towards a more loving and caring world.

King of Hearts

King of Cups – Harmony is more important than truth
The King of Hearts suggests you will become more diplomatic. This will bring better results than by using more forceful or crass means. You will treat those around you with more care and tolerance and thus get the most from these relationships. You may at this time feel you are having to compromise yourself, but you will in time reap the rewards of a more harmonious existence.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Swords – The pen is mightier than the sword
The Ace of Spades suggests you will face an empowering challenge. Tackling this problem with all your resources will enable you to really grow as a person. The situation may be an ongoing one or it may be a new test for you. Either way you will benefit from seeing the ‘problem’ as an opportunity to grow – to gain strength and demonstrate courage – as it may require you to locate great inner resources. You may find that your understanding of problems will change as a result of this change in attitude, and thus your approach to life’s battles will become much healthier and more rewarding.

Two of Spades

Justice – Do as you would be done by
The presence of this card predicts you will see justice coming your way. You may have been unfairly treated in the past or present by someone, which has been having a detrimental effect on your life, causing hurt and upset. However, it could also be that you yourself have acted unjustly towards someone, in which case you will see a reconciliation of some kind. When this happens try to be as open as you can to either giving or receiving forgiveness in order to rectify the past and move cleanly into the future. This will provide you with a feeling of serenity and inner peace as the Universe restores harmony for you. If you are unable to forgive, the card predicts that justice will still be served in time – as imbalance is against the laws of nature.

Three of Spades

The Hanged Man – Stepping back to go forward
This card suggests you may face a situation in which you will need to make some kind of sacrifice or to surrender rather than push on regardless. You may discover that this sacrifice involves releasing a part of yourself which is getting in your way. If so, you will need to be brave and let it go in order for you to progress. This may feel unusual or even uncomfortable if you are not used to it. However, ‘hang’ on in there, as your patience will be rewarded.

Four of Spades

Death – All things come to pass
This card suggests that something significant will come to an end. You may not be aware of this when it happens but if you contemplate upon it at a later stage you should be able to recognize what has passed from your life, lightening your burden. Whether this is a good or a bad thing will depend very much on your attitude. You could see this as a time to regret or dwell on what you have lost but if you can see it in a positive way you will be able to open your life up more to new opportunities waiting to come in.

Five of Spades

Temperance – Moderation in all things
The appearance of this card suggests you will find yourself in a more peaceful state. If you are in conflict, you will be able to achieve resolution or compromise. If you are working too hard, you will find more rest and recuperation. This card reminds us that we are at our most powerful and productive when we are in a peaceful state of mind, so it is important for us to restore balance as soon as we feel ourselves falling out of control.

Six of Spades

The Devil – Your own worst enemy
The Six of Spades suggests you may be tempted in your life. This temptation could be from outside or inside yourself, or a mixture of the two and could cause you problems if you succumb. However, it is certain that the means for meeting this temptation will be found inside you. If you can look objectively at your own ‘inner devil’ or saboteur and find the strength to combat him, you will not only find yourself back on the straight and narrow path in your life, but will also feel a sense of achievement, pride and nobility as a result. Remember, temptations can be there to test us, and tests we pass will be rewarded.

Seven of Spades

Seven of Swords – The devil within
The Seven of Spades suggests you will gain a greater awareness of the more tricky and challenging sides of yourself. This could include the Achille’s heel which has been bringing you down. This awareness will help you cast away many unwanted shadows in your psyche and clean out the parts of yourself that no longer serve you, thus enabling a greater light of clarity to shine through. You consequently will become more adept at distinguishing between voices which come from your Higher Self and those from parts of yourself that you no longer need, making you a healthier, happier and more whole person. Your self-esteem will take a dramatic rise as a result and you will become less likely to make the same mistakes again that have caused you trouble in the past.

Eight of Spades

Eight of Swords – Where did my life go?
Receiving the Eight of Spades predicts you will find yourself becoming more aware of your true path. By being completely honest with yourself now and seeing where you may have been tempted off your path (e.g. by money, security or popularity), you will be able to get yourself back on track. This could require great strength, clarity of thought, force of will and belief in yourself, but receiving this card implies that you possess all these qualities. Choosing your right path can mean having to make difficult decisions about who your real friends are, what your right work is, whether your relationship is working etc, but these areas will need to be looked at in order to lead the authentic life you deserve.

Nine of Spades

Nine of Swords – Worry is interest paid on trouble before it is due
The Nine of Spades suggests you will become able to understand and transform your anxieties. You will be able to uncover what is at the root of your worries and thus understand yourself better. This may involve talking to someone about your concerns, or perhaps just learning some techniques for dealing with them in a healthier way. This will help you to feel more in control, and more able to cope with any issues facing you in your life. Any future obstacles you face can then be faced with a far more practical and composed approach, as you realize that your attitudes to your problems are making you feel worse than you need to. After all, reality is rarely as frightening as we make it out to be.

Ten of Spades

Ten of Swords – It’s always darkest before dawn
Receiving the Ten of Spades predicts you will be able to gain in strength and become better able to cope in your life. You may have been allowing negative feelings about yourself to drag you down and hold you back unnecessarily. However, your life will become lighter when you no longer have this extra baggage weighing you down. By recognizing how you have been carrying your past and allowing it to hold you back, you will no longer need to hide from life’s challenges and will become braver in facing them head on. Thus your confidence and belief in yourself will improve.

Jack of Spades

Knight of Swords – Anger is the only thing improved by delay
The Jack of Spades indicates that you will be able to transform negative emotions and feel more in control. As a result you should be able to harness your frustrations and allow them to improve your life rather than drag you down. In order to achieve this you may need to adopt a more adult attitude – maintaining inner strength and calm in the face of adversity. You will also need to take responsibility for the things you can change and accept the things you can’t. This may not seem easy at first, but it will help you to feel more in control, and put you in a better state in future to tackle problems occurring in your life.

Queen of Spades

Queen of Swords – Saying it how it is
Choosing the Queen of Spades suggests you will gain in courage and integrity. You may need to adopt the spirit of the Queen of Spades to redress a wrongdoing or to stand up for something you feel is important. This will take strength and courage, but the appearance of this card suggests you have these qualities at your disposal; you will simply need to believe in yourself and the power of your message and beliefs. By adopting the Queen’s role you will find yourself becoming stronger and more worldly, thus strengthening your ability to handle difficult situations that come your way in future.

King of Spades

King of Swords – Nothing succeeds like success
The King of Spades suggests you will be able to apply great clarity of thought and/or decisiveness in your life. This will give you an opportunity to show leadership in your life – to step up to the plate and gain greater control over your destiny. You will find that decisions you make after thinking things through clearly will be more effective than those taken by gut instinct or feeling alone; or by following others’ or ‘common sense’ advice. Subsequently any confusion you may currently be experiencing will lessen or vanish altogether, and your self-belief and feelings of empowerment will increase dramatically.

Ace of Diamonds

Ace of Coins – Keeping both feet firmly on the ground
Receiving the Ace of Diamonds suggests you may be heading towards health and prosperity. In order to achieve this you may be asked to apply real and concrete solutions to your problems, whereas perhaps in the past you have had a dreamier approach! Your life will therefore become more stable and grounded and you could be rewarded with a degree of wealth and abundance for the effort you’ve put in. If you are considering starting new projects or relationships, this may now be the time to do it, as the Ace of Diamonds will work with rather than against you in all your endeavors. You will in time look back and be grateful to yourself for the effort you’ve made.

Two of Diamonds

The Tower – A wake up call
The presence of the Two of Diamonds suggests you will face powerful changes in your life. Before this happens you may be able to sense a stagnant feeling in the air like the kind you feel just before a storm breaks. If the storm does break then welcome it. If not see what you can do to make big changes yourself. You shouldn’t expect an easy ride when the Two of Diamonds appears, but bear in mind how much more peaceful the world seems after the storm.

Three of Diamonds

The Star – Somewhere over the rainbow
The Three of Diamonds signals that your prospects will become brighter. The card is a good sign that you are moving in the right direction and heading for better times. It can also mean that something or someone will turn up and help guide you towards this better future. In order to welcome the star’s gifts into your life you will need to have belief and trust that you are being guided on the right path. Remember also that your inner light is always there to protect you. That way you can maintain your optimism and faith in the future.

Four of Diamonds

The Sun – Seeing the light
The presence of the Four of Diamonds is a positive sign that you will have much greater understanding in your life. Once the fog clears and you can see things for what they are, you will be able to move forward and achieve your goals. This may be a good time for making important decisions, as the Four of Diamonds’s light can provide you with the insight and illumination you need. This card is a very positive sign, indicating future success and happiness, but you may need to build upon it through careful thought and considered action, in order to give yourself a truly happy ending.

Five of Diamonds

The Moon – Appearances can be deceptive
This card suggests you may find yourself challenged by a feeling of uncertainty in your life. You might encounter a situation which makes you feel anxious or you may find yourself mis-reading people and circumstances. The Five of Diamonds asks you to be calm and patient when this happens and to remember that there is always a valuable lesson to be gained when facing any confusing situation. Any worries you face will soon pass and you will be rewarded with greater clarity than you had before.

Six of Diamonds

Judgment – Your day will come
The appearance of this card signals that you will find yourself experiencing an important transformation. A new chapter is about to open for you, which will be down to your endurance, hard work and love. The Six of Diamonds reminds us to recognize these times and celebrate them when they come.

Seven of Diamonds

Seven of Coins – Taking stock
This card suggests you will reach a plateau in your life. This could mean a period of positive renewal and change for you, perhaps rewarding you for a time of hard work and success. Perhaps you have been feeling recently that the path you have been following is becoming less relevant to you. Look out for any feelings of low motivation or lack of enthusiasm for pursuing things in your life. These feelings may indicate that your goals are nearing completion and that now is a time to take stock and reflect upon what you have achieved. Enjoy this necessary period of contemplation and reward yourself for your hard work, then consider revising your plans in order to put you on a track that holds more relevance for you in the long-term.

Eight of Diamonds

Eight of Coins – Struggle now, enjoy later
The Eight of Diamonds suggests you will be rewarded by great things. This was likely because you have spent a lot of time working hard and building something constructive in your life; and one of the greatest rewards for this will be an ability to handle future responsibilities with ease and delight. You should enjoy these successes: they have been well-earned!

Nine of Diamonds

Nine of Coins – Make hay whilst the sun shines
Receiving the Nine of Diamonds suggests you will find great pleasure in your life. Your lifestyle should improve and things will become less burdensome. You will begin to appreciate more activities which do not involve goal-setting: for instance visiting art galleries, watching sunsets or engaging in something you have longed to do but never treated yourself to before. You may also find yourself appreciating things simply because they are life’s gifts to you, and be able to drop your ‘have to’ or ‘should’ approaches to living. This could be your reward for a long period of hard work or struggle, so appreciate it when it comes!

Ten of Diamonds

Ten of Coins – The calm after the storm
The Ten of Diamonds suggests that you will find greater security in your life. You may be in the process of moving from just surviving or getting by to flourishing. Perhaps you are benefiting from a run of good luck. Or maybe in the past you adopted a pragmatic or conservative approach which is now paying off. The card implies that you can reach a safe and strong plateau if you continue to work hard and not lose faith that your efforts are worthwhile. Great abundance is in store for you around the corner, and a feeling of safety and relief.

Jack of Diamonds

Knight of Coins – Trees that don’t bend in the wind won’t last the storm
Receiving the Jack of Diamonds predicts you can achieve success through sheer determination and perseverance. By strengthening your will you have the ability to conquer all aspects of your life, thus bringing security, abundance and wealth as your rightful rewards. Your hard work, stamina and dedication will pay off, but be careful not to veer towards perfectionism or inflexibility, as this can alienate others and remove all the enjoyment for you along the way!

Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Coins – To have a friend, be a friend
The Queen of Diamonds suggests you will find a great source of support in your life. This will make it much easier for you to achieve what you set out to do and move forward in your life. Being honest about the help you need will enable you to become closer with those around you or at least know who your real friends are. Remember, however, to always give support too whenever you can. That way you are creating an environment in which people won’t feel reluctant to help you when you need it. When you are in an atmosphere in which people reach out and help one another rather than just themselves and/or their close family, you will be amazed at just how much better a place the world seems to be.

King of Diamonds

King of Coins – Nothing succeeds like success
The King of Diamonds suggests you will achieve a degree of prosperity and good fortune. Things should begin to fall into place and work for you, rather than you having to keep a watchful eye over each aspect of your life. In order to achieve this, however, you will need to examine any limiting thoughts you have towards success and your own ability. Try substituting negative thoughts about yourself into positive, life-enhancing ones. Believe that you can achieve prosperity in all aspects of your life and you are well on the way to making this happen for you. All you will need to do then is work hard, see the positive changes manifest and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Red Joker

The Fool – Keep the faith and trust your instincts
The Fool signals that you could experience a new beginning or change of direction. This may lead you onto a path of adventure, wonder and personal growth. This card reminds you to keep your faith and trust your natural responses on this new path. If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool reminds you to believe in yourself and follow your heart. Remember though to balance any impetuousness with consideration in order to keep any foolishness in check!

Black Joker

The World – All’s well that ends well
The appearance of this card is a positive sign that you are approaching completion of a goal or phase in your life. You may experience a sense of loss if this phase has involved a lot of work or struggle, as you come to terms with the relative resultant inner peace. However you should allow yourself to feel and enjoy the rightful sense of fulfilment that you deserve.

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