The Tarot is my friend :)

One thing I really like about the tarot is how it’s always there for you, the way people could never be 100% of the time. For instance the other day I felt really stuck and blocked in my energy: my daughter wanted me to play a mind-numbing game with her and my husband wanted me to do this as well (so he could get on with other things), but I just couldn’t connect to the motivation to do anything, and especially not with the enthusiasm required for a six year old! So I grabbed my iPad and did the Solve a Problem spread, focussing on wanting to hear the answer to this issue: what was my stuckness about and what could I do about it?

The first card I turned up (current issues) was the Five of Wands which is about conflict, so I tuned into myself to feel how this card related to my situation. I felt it was about inner conflict: I had conflicting internal emotions – one telling me it was scared to move and get involved whilst I was feeling settled and comfortable, and the other saying I ought to get involved and why did I not want to play with my child? Or why won’t my husband do it?!

My guidance card was the Three of Coins, indicating to me that it was right for me to take some action rather than to relax back into the sofa. But what kind of action? Well this card signifies the need for planning, which was interesting because I felt a bit trapped by the situation and I often feel on the back foot when my daughter makes demands. Much better in future to plan activities which I can enjoy rather than just reacting to what she wants (and insists she needs!) in that moment. The threes also suggest a need for community and togetherness (the three of coins meaning togetherness in a grounded, earthy way). Perhaps a need for better planning together as a family? Something to think about!

The future outcome card was the Knight of Cups, suggesting that if I could follow the guidance given I would be able to channel my unruly emotions over time, helping me gain perspective in these kinds of situations in future. It made a lot of sense.

I was then able to change the energy – not only because the cards accurately reflected my situation and gave me the guidance I needed – but also because I felt heard. The cards spoke back to me when I asked them about my problem. They listened and they cared. They are always there, unjudging, responding to me and these little silly problems I have. My little problems aren’t necessarily important to anyone else (my husband would die of boredom if he had to listen to all my little niggly problems all day every day!). But those cards were there for me when I needed them.

It’s very therapeutic to be heard. And getting out of my own head or stuck states is very therapeutic too! So thank you tarot, I really appreciate you 🙂

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One Response to The Tarot is my friend :)

  1. Sandra says:

    It is great! Thank you for understanding your mission in this earthly life. I will follow your monthly guidance with great delight

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