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Standard Reading

This reading gives you:

- Insight into the nature of the issues contributing to your problem
- Insight into another person's issues, where relevant
- The best advice to help you at this time
- Advice for the other person, where relevant
- A Future Outcome card to give you an indication of how your situation will turn out if you follow the advice

I will usually be able to do this reading for you within 48 hours, but if demand is high it may be as long as 5 days. Please let me know on your form if it is important your issue is dealt with quicker than this, and I promise to try my best!

I will draw 3 - 5 cards for this reading depending on the nature of your problem and whether there is another person involved.

You will be emailed a 3-4 page PDF report as soon as I have completed your reading.

How to get your reading

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About me

Welcome to!  My name is Elissa and I’ve been giving tarot readings for twelve years. My goal is to bring peace, understanding and enlightenment to your life through the tarot. I interpret the cards in a simple, easy to understand way, so the readings speak directly to you and move you forward in your life. I have helped many people work through many difficulties in their lives, providing insights and answers to their everyday questions, and I hope I can help you too!

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