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This spread gives you an overview of your life over a three month period.


Ace of Coins
The Ace of Coins represents a doorway into a new, more prosperous way of being and is a good card to turn up when you need more concrete changes in your life. It speaks of solidity and of achieving visible results. It is not a card of fanciful dreams and pie-in-the-sky ideas, and does not imply that everything we need will suddenly fall out of the heavens, making our dreams come true. But if we can work hard, the card will work with us, providing great hope for a successful outcome in whatever we set our minds to. One of the things we are being asked when we turn up this card is to trust that the path which takes care of our practical and material needs is not as arduous as we so often believe it to be. How much happier would we be if we could get money to be our slave, not the other way round? The Ace of Coins suggests that with the right attitude, we can achieve this more healthy relationship with the material world; and is so doing, relieve pressures on other areas of our life also, such as family and relationships. Therefore, although some work on our part is required to fulfill its promise, the Ace of Coins is ultimately a very optimistic card.

How were things for you last month
Receiving the Ace of Coins in this position suggests you may have been a bit dreamy or impractical last month. As a result you may have alienated people, who are being left to pick up the pieces or take on responsibilities that are really yours. Alternatively, you may have been worrying about your needs, but not doing anything practical to change your situation. This sort of worrying doesn't achieve much apart from ill-health, a furrowed brow and stressed relationships - so it is not surprising if you now find yourself not much further on than you were before. The card is thus asking you to take concrete steps towards making your life more stable and grounded. That way you will be putting yourself on better footing to begin bringing better health and prosperity to all aspects of your life.


Ten of Wands
The Ten of Wands relates to the burden of responsibility. There are times when we think we should be doing more, that we are not achieving enough. But these thoughts often come from feelings of guilt or failure, not from self-love. Doing things for the 'wrong' reasons can result in us leading inauthentic lives, trying to prove we are 'good' people. It then becomes difficult for us to be replenished and we spiral further downwards till we burn out. The card also speaks of the ways in which we allow others to subtly 'dump' their baggage on us - and in particular their emotional problems. These patterns of relating to others can become so ingrained in our psyches that much of the time we stop differentiating between others' baggage and our own. It is important when we are feeling weighed down by responsibilities to remember why we are carrying these burdens in the first place. The most challenging aspects of our lives are also usually the most rewarding and bring with them the greatest gifts. Each responsibility we take on - as long as they are our own and not others' - holds an opportunity for greater ennoblement and strength of character. The choices we make and responsibilities we take on can define us as high and noble beings on a journey to greater and deeper levels of humanity. The card speaks also of the ways in which we allow others to subtly 'dump' their baggage on us - be it emotional problems, workloads, family issues etc. These patterns of relating to others can become so ingrained in our psyches that much of the time we stop differentiating between others baggage and our own.

How are things for you this month
The Ten of Wands in this position suggests you may be feeling weighed down this month. Perhaps you are taking on too much or maybe you are taking responsibility for other people's problems. These burdens may be having a detrimental effect on you. Ask yourself if you are feeling burned-out or stressed. This may be your body's message to you to slow down.


Nine of Coins
The Nine of Coins symbolizes enjoyment of the 'finer' things in life. This card may appear when we are deserving of some luxury in our lives, such as a spa, a pampering or just some simple nurturing. This may come after a period of hard work, when we reach saturation or exhaustion and need to be rewarded and revitalized. When we are feeling 'heavy' in ourselves this is often a sign that it is time for the pleasures recommended by this card. We may feel sometimes as if these luxuries are not as abundant as we might wish, and that we deserve more pampering than we can afford. However, the pleasures associated with this card also come when we are able to open our curiosity to the beauty of the world, and of all the sights, smells, tastes and sounds around us which are free to enjoy. Unfortunately, this appreciation is not handed to us on a plate, but is something we need to work for, requiring patience, persistence and discipline. Yet when we are able to open our senses to this deeper appreciation of life, we can be fed by its generous and complimentary offerings forever.

How will things be for you next month
Receiving the Nine of Coins in this position suggests you will find great pleasure next month. Your lifestyle should improve and things will become less burdensome. You will begin to appreciate more activities which do not involve goal-setting: for instance visiting art galleries, watching sunsets or engaging in something you have longed to do but never treated yourself to before. You may also find yourself appreciating things simply because they are life's gifts to you, and be able to drop your 'have to' or 'should' approaches to living. This could be your reward for a long period of hard work or struggle, so appreciate it when it comes!



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