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Everyday Life - Instant Tarot Readings

Easy-tarot provides twenty seven different tarot readings to help you with your everyday life. Use these spreads regularly to find out how to attract more luck, overcome procrastination and get more done, solve problems, make decisions, and much more! You can even glimpse into the future outcome of today, next week, next month or even a year's time for all areas of your life! More spreads available than anywhere else on the internet.

Choose a reading, pick your cards and get answers and advice for all your daily life questions now. Read testimonials here to find out what others have said about their everyday life readings.

Tarot in daily life

Tarot is a very useful tool to help us move through life in the best way for ourselves and those around us. There are a lot of pressures in today's world coming from many sources, and we are asked to make many choices on a daily basis. There is a danger of burn-out or overwhelm if we cannot handle these demands with grace and ease. In fact many common mental and physical illnesses such as depression or frequent colds can often result when we do not feel on top of our lives. Tarot can help bring us back into alignment in hundreds of different ways by showing us where we need to put our attention and make adjustments. This would be an impossible task for our hearts and minds to take on alone; thus the wisdom and magic of the Tarot is a great blessing.

When asking for help with everyday life issues in a reading, it can help to understand what each of the suits means. Appearances of the Cups for instance suggests that your issues relate to your emotional or spiritual life; Coins relate to your material life; Swords are about your thoughts and ideas; and Wands are associated with activity and doing things. When the Major Arcana (Trump) cards appear you are being made aware of more meaningful, underlying themes, such as justice, surrender or inner contemplation. This suggests the issues you face have deeper meanings which you are being asked to contemplate as part of your spiritual development in this life.

Everyday Life Spreads

Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Getting things done
Last month, this month and next month
Last week, this week and next week
Understanding a problem
Opportunities in my life at this time (FREE READING!)
Help making a 'yes/no' decision
How would my life change if...
Life snapshot Tarot Reading
The week ahead
Daily potential Tarot Reading
What do I need to know today?
Bringing good luck
Solve a problem
A helpful person in my life today
Opportunities for next week
My personal life coach
Following my dream
Big life change
Preparing for a trip
Opportunities for next month
Moving to a new home
My life a year from today
Help me reach my potential (FREE READING!)


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Opportunities in my life at this time (FREE READING!)
Help me reach my potential (FREE READING!)
Confidence booster (FREE READING!)
Make me happy (FREE READING!)
Improving health and well-being
My mind and body this week (FREE READING!)
My social life (FREE READING!)
Weekly Predictions (FREE READING!)
Lunar phase Tarot reading
Improving my health


About me

Welcome to!  My name is Elissa and I’ve been giving tarot readings for twelve years. My goal is to bring peace, understanding and enlightenment to your life through the tarot. I interpret the cards in a simple, easy to understand way, so the readings speak directly to you and move you forward in your life. I have helped many people work through many difficulties in their lives, providing insights and answers to their everyday questions, and I hope I can help you too!

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